Winter Aeration

Winter Aeration Can we install aeration when there is ice on the pond? You bet. Solar systems start at $2,499, and if you have power close it may be under $1,000. Winter Aeration If your worried about your fish – give us a call for a free consultation. 612 315 9213

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Minnesota private ponds

Minnesota Pond Crappies

Minnesota pond crappies Minnesota pond crappies?  We have them.  Right around $1.25 each.  Northern Pondlife supplies Minnesota pond crappies in both the spring and the fall of the year.  Black crappies are not prone to the over producing problems of white crappies you hear of in southern states.  Black crappies are a pond favorite for many […]

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Time to Clean Your Diffusers

Aeration moves water. Dirty diffusers move less water.  Stones move even less water.  Dirty stones move very little water.  Clean ’em up with a sponge or acid.  Former is better.

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How did that fish get there?

If your pond has inlets and outlets, every high water event is a chance for fish to enter and exit. Every year millions of fish die in Minnesota from winter kill.   Stop winter kill.  Buy an aerator and save the fish. Until they get big enough for the grease.

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Minnesota pond dig

Minnesota Pond Digs

In an effort to save time and money we have purchased a tiny hoe with a huge bucket.  If it moves dirt we can dig a 1/2 acre pond in 12 minutes.  Or squish dog poop so flat it can’t get on your flip flops. Call us.  We will try it for anything.  For a […]

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silver bass

Silver Bass in Minnesota

Does Minnesota have Silver Bass? Some of our ponds have them.  Is it genetic?  Is it food?  Is it the water? Yes it is.  Can’t wait till they are 5 pounds-

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Pond eats Flip Flop

One of our ponds ate a flip flop and the owner would like your help.  If you see a single flip flop floating, loafing, dining or biking, please contact us immediately.    

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Minnesota solar aeration

Minnesota solar pond aerator

Minnesota solar pond aerator Minnesota solar pond aerator allows you to grow trophy fish in 6 feet of water.  Many people think bigger is better but you can do a  lot with a little on small waters with Minnesota solar pond aerator. Minnesota solar pond aerator Minnesota solar pond aerator helps your pond breath during the […]

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pond pollen

Pollen on the Pond

  When trees and weeds shed their summer pollen, surface tension on the pond can have it looking like a white, green, or yellow oily film.   – Waves or rain will have it dissipate over time.  No worries.

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Minnesota Catfish – Locavores take notice

Minnesota Catfish . Minnesota Catfish get little respect. but the hard fighting, fast growing, delicious whiskered fish are in a lot of our ponds. . Minnesota Catfish . Minnesota Catfish are top end predators that feed with fury on pellets or existing fish, insects and even some pond weeds. . Minnesota Catfish . 2 years […]

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