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Minnesota solar aeration

Our Approach

Northern PondLife is committed to bringing your water to life.  Many don't understand what you can do with small bodies of up north water, but if you have a 1/4 acre of water 6 feet deep, you can have a private fishery in the midwest.  Jeff Welch has been doing private ponds for over 16 years in Minnesota, and he has killed more fish than most will ever catch.  He has made the mistakes so you don't have to.  Call us today for a free phone consultation to see if we can bring your water to life

Meet the Team

Combination goofball/genius/water architects.  Give them a call.

Minnesota pond consultant

Brooks Johnson


Co-founder of Double Bull Archery.  Did it once by land, seeking a repeat by water.

Minnesota solar aeration

Jeff Welch


Medical Engineer with 21 patents to his name.  Proprietary solar aerator changing the rules on private northern ponds.

fyke nets


Big Player on Our Team

Find a piece 6 feet deep and we will bring the fish.

Next Steps...

Give us a call to talk about your water.  We can transform an ugly green, muck bottomed, egg smelling mess into the focal point of your property.  Maybe.  763 213 6811

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