Aeration gets fish through Winter

If you have an 1/8 acre of water 6 foot deep, you can have a private fishery. 120V units are under $1,000 and our solar systems start at $2,499. If you have questions give us a call for an honest opinion on your ponds potential.

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Aeration does much more than add oxygen, it vents harmful gases, it allows bacteria to clean your water and the muck that builds on the bottom, and it moves the system to prevent stagnation.  Our solar systems start at $2,499 and will work on Minnesota latitude ponds.

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Fish are cheap and fun to manage.  Our ice fishing ponds harbor crappie, perch, walleye and catfish.  Summer ponds have bluegill, bass, and hybrids.  Mix them up however you choose and we will help you manage your water.  Start up fish packages run about $400 for a 1/2 acre of water, and we handle the state permit process.

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Your Private Water


You don't see very many private ponds in Northern latitudes because people do not believe it is possible.  Jeff Welch has been doing private water in central Minnesota for 16 years.  He has accidentally killed more fish than most can imagine.  Thousands and thousands.  He knows what works and what won't.  His mistakes can move you up the ladder in a hurry.

Minnesota pond consultants

Next Steps...

Give us a call and we can answer your pond related questions...  763 213 6811

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